Kiss me

Hold me

Love me

Eat me

Please me

Tease me

Cuff me

Fuck me

Dip me in honey

Take my clit on a walk

With that tongue

You wag so well...

And I'll show you what little girls are made of.

Dive in my ocean

Frolic in my fount

Be my muse

To amuse

Don't frown

It's "Down Town"

Hang ten

Hang fifty for all I care,

Don't despair,

I'll get you in shape---

So our honeymoon won't seem like a marathon,

But a sunday afternoon cruise in a low-rider.

Play me like an instrument,

Rub your hands up and down my spine,

Like tapping piano keys,

Be the conductor,

Make me surrender,

As I come and make you the Master of something Grand.

I'm not a child,

Love me wild,

Whistle a tune,

Make me swoon,

Fondle my knees,

I'll cry with glee,

Hear my moans,

Take me home,

Taste my wine,

Hear me cry for more,

So the Heavens will hear the shout of your name.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for Morenna, my French beauty. (TLW)

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