She asked,

“What is it like to make love to me?”

Like riding in a canoe,

Letting my fingers dangle and glide over the top of the still water.

Watching ripples spread and move water over your sensuous body.

Seeing a tulip at morn,

Sagging toward the earth,

Spilling it’s fragrant cup of morning mist,

Onto my lips and  glaze sweetly over my tongue.

It’s being young again,

And opening you up,

Like that first, most  anticipated gift,

On Christmas Day.

She asked,

“How long will you love me?”

As long as the only heartbeat I have,

Is your song in my chest,

And Your ballet slippers tip-toe through my mind, body, and soul.


Until the sun explodes,

That create new stars that explode,

That make even more stars…

That explode,

On and on, until there is nothing left.

           NO LIGHT

           NO HEAT

           NO GAS

           NO ENERGY


She asked,

“Why do you love me?”

I love you because you are the other half,

Of a shared painting I am in,

And we are on display together,

In a museum, where you and I are on another plane,

That caters to God’s eyes only.

Because he has ordained us not by coincidental meeting,

But by His blessings of Grace,

And the answering of our prayers.

Who am I to turn down such a grand gift,

That can only come from Heaven?

How can one not love a woman,

Who does more than share her days and nights,

But share the full of her body for the beginning of a new soul?

I love you,

Because I am inspired by your,

sense of acceptance, kindness,  and sweetness,

All the wholesomeness that is in a babe’s eye’s.

Untarnished, untainted, yet often misunderstood, and undervalued,

Until it’s too late.

But I will always love you,

For what you present to me,

Is not an illusion, nor a reflection, of something distant,

But a current of relentless passion and compassion

That not only keeps me grounded,

But sets me free.

You do not complete me,

But you show me that I am already complete.

She asked,

“How will you love me?”

My love will be a jet to your aid,

Faster than the speed of light,

Times the speed of sound.

My love will be a thick and warm blanket.

Like the air that surrounds the earth,

I will enfold you in my arms,

To let you slumber sweetly, safely, softly.


And I will make love to you,

In every glance,

Every time I hold your hand,

Every afternoon I gaze into your eyes,

Every time we kiss gently, and slow,

Every morning we rise to the waking sun,

Every moonlit sky we see before we sleep,

This is the beginning,

Of the lovemaking,

I want to have and cherish…with you.

Making memories of kisses,

Remembrances of our embraces,

While we are in motion, applying each snapshot

Of the reality before our eyes,

Not to be squandered in a scrap book to be taken off a shelf,

and spoken of as the “Good ol’ Days”.

But images to render visions and dreams,

Dancing on our breasts and bodies.


Where the only audible sound that escapes our lips is

A prayer of reply,

In that half throaty-like tone,


Originally wrote:  March 11, 2003

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