What they don't value,

Is our hearts.

The long they keep a us down,

The more we dream of open arms,

Healing, outstretched, embracing,


Reaching the point,

Where our hurts can't be softened.

What they don't value,

Is our compassion.

The more they call us evil,

The more tears WE wipe away,

Until there are no tears WE can cry anymore,

And our hurts get resigned into a softened anger,

That will air on a diplomatic stage,

Because the pain just doesn't go away.

What they don't value,

Is our loyalty.

Calling on us, only when others...

Are unavailable for them.

Then toying with our emotions, abandoned us,

And the friends we thought we had, like THEM,

Played us for a jokes, like jokes,

The brunt and Butt of jokes.

Even though we got hurt,

We say nothing and forge on!  

Why mince words with those with deaf ears.

Not to let them win,

But to show the world that anyone who

Expects more from them than the way they have treated us,

Are even  bigger fools than THEY are.

Oh, How my love may be large,

Like an Amazon Warrior,

Strong and Cunning...and Sly.

She is my queen,

My nubian goddess,

Smelling of cocoa butter,

And papaya oils,

Almond shaped eyes,

That can pierce any man's soul.

She can size a person up as a chump,

And thrust THEM upon their own sword of words.

She can play anyone for the fool,


She chooses to resign her angst.

A real woman,

A God fearing woman,

Who doesn't play petty games,

Or behaves in a manner beneath her own dignaty.

Where in the revel of telling anyone off,

Doesn't do anyone any good anyway,

THEY WILL only say, "What a bitch!"

And because her retort did not change their minds,

The revenge most of us would seek in such a case as this,

Is only short lived

However, her RESPECT builds, and builds.

I lay in her arms and drown my sorrows there,

In her blackness,

Close to mother earth,

Where we can lie undisturbed and naked in the garden,

And I can water the plants with my tears...

Where at least something delightful grows from my sorrow.

I have been there, where she once was.

Made low on the social ladder.

Now friends welcome our touch,

Our healing hands that mold new identity's,

Bringing them home where they don't have to believe that "WE" are a vile people.

My love is the moon, the stars and the sun,

All in rythm, and time, and space:

Giving to chase, around my heart.

Keeping the the hands of the Evil at bay,

And offering me a glimpse of God,

As I have never before known...

YOU may see us as ugly,

YOU may see us as fat,

YOU may think that we aren't worth your time.

YOU may think we are perverted, and unnatural.

That is okay,

I want her time, and she wants mine.  

I yearn to weep together,

To share and care for each other,

To love and respect each other,

To raise each other up.

And if I'm lucky, SHE & I, together, might get beyond YOUR cruelty,

To give the world, what we see in each other,

What God made design in us to give...

The world...

the gift...

Of our lesbian selves.

And when you see her and I holding hands,

We have forged a new life out of the wilderness and chaos.

You have tried to kill our kind off, but our faces have only changed...

Do you see them in your mother, sister, brother, son, or daughter?


Out of the violence you've hurled at us, on us...

She and I,

We have not broken.

WE have not broken.

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