Why should I be concerned,

About the flag you wave,

That you say, "Protect's Me!"

Your just a cowboy playing a game,

With my life, my friends, my family.

Because you've made "American" and exclusive group,

Of people who are ONLY like you.

The white, "Save the Alamo!", "Balls to the wall!"  HYPE!

You'll fly around the world,

And risk your life,

For the sake of freedom,

But would you pull a gang of men off me?

And while you're there at the scene,

Of punching fist's, and kisking feet, men in line...


As they can't wait to plunge into my womb,

With their flesh like daggers...carving my sanity like a

Thanksgiving Day bird.

A motley crue of you,


With your four comrades,

Would you chase off these men...

The five of you against six, seven, eight, nine,

How many?

What is your life worth?

You'll kill a man,

Who has enslaved his wife,

In the name of "Freedom",

Think nothing of the culture,

Or the fact it was the "choices" they made.

Die for her honor,

While I'm in a back alley of the U.S.A.

Where the only thing you've really fought for at home is

The right to stand there looking stupid,

And ask yourself if your life is really worth it.

What if I was a lawyer?

With ample power to sue you.

What if I was a lesbian?

Would you let it go on? Think I need a lesson?

Seeing that "real men in uniform", must be gutless punks.

Would you join in, then leave me for dead?

What if I was a typical hooker on the street?

Would my person mean less?

Because I had no power of money, or education.

When you serve to protect,

Do you choose who is deserving and undeserving?

Or do I have to be your neighbor, your sister, or your wife?

Do you get what I'm saying "soldier man".

If you can't do it right, for us all...

The rich and the poor,

The powerful and the disenchanted,

Then get a grip, 'cuz it don't get any more real than this...

When you serve,


you know, "foreign and domestic"?

That "honor" you say you have...

It's not just a pretty badge for show,

Will you use it in your everyday life, to live this oath,

Because it's in that "PRIDE", we all can live...equally.

Anything less, just makes me...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

It is hard to live in a country where man's flaws~~our "human-ness" allows oversights, in protection, in justice, and ultimately, it sacrifices freedom.

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