I never knew behind that comforting smile,

Was a spirit so free and wild,

That would tie me up and throw away a key,

Adamant eyes slowing gazing all over me.

The smell of her, I never knew,

Softly sucked me into a love that grew.

And before long, her passion drove me insane,

Taking in all of me when I came.

Her fingers danced in delight,

I thrust with all my might,

My buttocks hurled upward to greet her paddle,

The cadence in my clit, thundered like horse's hooves running into battle.

My legs shaked,

Like a BIG HILO quake.

Boulders rolling down the mountain side,

My muscles pull tight, I'm about to loose my mind.

Leather and straps,

And seducing little outfits,

She'll do anything to keep me in the sack,

And she screams when I take her from the back.

More and more,

Til the Eagles soar,

Rushing waters and deafening cries,

Ask me and I'll tell you why...

Because she's mine.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for my wife, who taught me to be daring, taught me to accept the woman, I always tried to hide.  I love you forever.

I Thank the heavens EVERY DAY that she's my wife. LOL. I made a poem similar to this as a rough draft years ago, the finalizing was just done today 7-11-11. Happy Anniversay Honey. (9 month)

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