Process of Love

My Life

This is my heart

That you repaired

It took a while,

But you stayed there

My wounds have healed, my scars revealed,

But I don't understand why your love is concealed.

You can yeild me your heart 

I will fix the broken parts. 

I can repair, I'll stay there,

Until wounds are healed your scars revealed, and until your love is no longer concealed.

I'll be here forever through thick or thin,

Even if the process starts over again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

When you truly love someone you will be there for them even if they are not with you. You will be there until they realize who has loved them for all those years, and will stay with them forever. 

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Heart Healing

If you wait long enough, it heals on its own, but a little help is always welcome - if available ~~ Lady A~~



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I agree. :)

I agree. :)