Anger & Hurt

I hang my head once more in shame

As you remind me I'm to blame

For all the many reasons why

I'm far too strong to need to cry.

And you say these tears, they are my due

For all that I have put you through.

But understand: these tears that fall,

They were not caused by you at all.

They're caused by choices I regret,

That I would just as soon forget.

They're caused by years of caving in

And making way for all my sins.

They're caused by loss and by deafeat,

ANd hiding all my fears beneath

My skin and saying all is well,

When in truth, my life is hell.

These bitter tears that stain my cheeks

Tell of the things I'll never speak.

No, these tears I cry aren't for you,

But you're right in saying they're my due.

And as you remind me of my blame,

My head still hangs in bitter shame.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For C.E.L.

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Jacki's picture

i love this one......exactly how i feel.
your a awsome writer