The world drained away (work in progress)

Kheir rested her head against his chest, her hands in her hoodie pocket. Rhysand pressed his lips to the top of her head, breathing in her scent while he still could.He could feel something damp against his chest. She was crying. He couldn’t hear her, but he knew she was crying. I t was understandable though, she had just lost her best friend, and his shoulder was the one she decided to cry on. He had always been there in her times of need. It was almost as if  he was standing and watching at the sidelines, just waiting for the right time to come in and comfort her.He was her everything, and he knew it. She made sure he knew it. When dreams of losing him filled her subconscious mind at night, she would wake up in tears. They seemed so real, but she knew in her heart that Rhys would never do that to her. When the tears that clouded her sight subsided, she raised her head to study his features. She’d done this so many times before, and it was almost as if everytime she looked away, she forgot what he looked like.

Rhys: “What’s wrong?” He knew the answer already, but he asked anyway.

She shook her head gently.

Kheir:”It’s nothing...I was just thinking..” Her voice was soft, so soft in fact that it was almost a whisper.

Rhysand:”About?” She hated when he pryed like that, but she knew that if she refused to tell him,that he would get it out of her one way or another. He reached his hand toward the back of her neck and hovered his finger right above the skin. He knew it was her weak spot, he was trained as a hunter. He could tell what someone’s weak spot was just by looking at them.

Kheir:”U-us...Like, what if that were to happen to one of us? I just...I don’t know Rhys.I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Rhysand: “ Just rest K, you’re gonna need it for tomorrow.” With that, he pressed his lips to her forehead  and draped his arm around her shoulders, walking her home.

~the next morning~

Kheir awoke to the sunlight shining through her blinds, illuminating her room in brilliant colors. The glass of her window, like all the others in her house, was painted in every hue. Whether it be a landscape, a night sky, a sunset or sunrise, it was on a window. A knock sounded at her bedroom  door and she heard a voice beyond it.

Rhysand: “Hey! Kheir, wake up! We’re gonna be late for Krystal’s funeral.” She rolled over to face the door and found that it was open. And there was Rhys, standing in the doorway and leaning against the doorframe.

Kheir: “R-Rhys! W-what are you doing here?” He was wearing a suit, and needless to say, he was handsome.

Rhysand: “I figured you’d oversleep. And it’s a good thing that I was right. You would have slept through the funeral Now put this on.” With that he pulled a beautiful black dress out from behind his back.”

Kheir” “It’s a funeral Rhys, not a gothic ball.” She could see him smile before he threw the dress at her, it landing on her face.

Rhysand: “I wanna see what it looks like on you, so just put it on already.” He took a step back and closed the door so she could change. She stood and took off the hoodie she was wearing, which just happened to be Rhys’s and pulled off her black leggings she had fallen asleep in. She pulled the dress over her head and called for Rhysand when she realised it was a corset dress.

Kheir: “Rhys! Come her, I need your help” Rhysand opened the door and walked over to Kheir, placing his hands on her hips as he looked over her shoulder into the mirror.

Rhysand: “You look beautiful babe. What do you need help with?” He was using his accent, god how she loved his accent. She tried to contain herself as she spoke.

Kheir: “I need help with my corset” Rhys took a step back and grasped the corset’s laces.


Rhysand: “Go over by your bed and face the window, I have to tighten this.” Kheir walked over to her bed, Rhysand, with the laces in hand, in tow. “Just tell me when it’s too tight.” He put his foot against the bed frame and started leaning back, the corset gradually grew tighter around her torso, when it got to the point where she could barely breathe, she spoke.

Kheir: “That’s good Rhys.Thanks.” With those words, he stood back up and tied the laces into a bow, it loosening ever so slightly. She took a look in the mirror before turning to look at Rhysand. “Well, how do I look?”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 If you have ever read the "A Court of Thorns and Roses" then you will recognize the name Rhysand. This isn't as much of a story as it is a fanfiction, it's in third person instead of first, but i've had multiple people tell me it's good so far.

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