Gone Away

i had a dream of you last night

i felt the wind, the moon was bright

i saw you there in front of me

then asked myself how could this be

you smiled then reached out for my hand

and thats when all the pain began

i saw you reaching for hers to

so i turned my head then bled for you

and now i sit alone and cold

all by myself, the pain i hold

so i grab the blade and press real hard

then i leave another scar

the blood flows down and hits the floor

and i start aching to cut some more

now im all alone i hide the blade

your gone from me, i've gone away

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You know, I don't like to think about you like this. I love you honey.

Asheron Fireshadow

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Again I have to say I do not like it when you start thinking like this, but for the longest time I have been pushing you to think like this haven't I. Well I am going to fix all that I have done wrong and make sure that I do not do that to you anymore. As far as I have to go I will go farther.

Asheron Fireshadow

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slowly I can put the peacis of your heart back together I hope you still have not taken them back

Asheron Fireshadow