Love's Death

The light fades from his eyes slowly dimming. She watches in agony as he slowly passes, she whispers "I love you my husband" A genital breeze stirs from everywhere, brushing her hair the way he had always done, the smell of him fills the air and a voice from no where fills the room, as genital as the breeze that blows unseen, as the life leaves his eyes... "My love I am not done, I will never go, there is too much for me to leave, I need you, i will not accept this fate, look at the wonder I will create..." The wind stops as his heart beats a single beat sounding frail and weak. Then another stronger, opening his eyes he whispers "Far to much to leave i love you too my wife forever and always, till time stops as my heart has not stopped and neither shall my love for you my wife"

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Sad but very moving

It seems that the only people who can see pain in others' eyes, are people who have seen it in their own...