How it's done

I believe we all know now,

although not quite just how,

that i'd rather be with no one,

than ever with you.

I'm really emphatic,

As your actions are too erratic,

and they cause too much Havoc,

leaving behind foul spew.

I fear you're unstable,

and i think youre unable,

to put your heart on the table,

Your emotions you constantly hide.

Although I am broken,

I'll not be misspoken,

my soul was a token,

that you casually threw to the side.

I wish you only the best,

and having been put to the test,

my heart ripped from its chest,

I'm hoping you'll misconstrue.

Because now I must hate,

both you and cruel fate,

but you'll never relate,

it's how I stop loving.... you.

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Cari Albury's picture

Wow... amazing. I like it a lot.