Impossible Hope

A woman in mind,

Yet a girl to date.

Her voice has been shattered,

Her innocence taken by life.

A greater being is her center now,

And yet she yearns for another.

Her voice can be heard again.

Her innocence forever lost.

To hold her in my arms,

To be in hers.

To be in her mind,

To be near….

An Impossible Hope.

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Jennifer Thimons's picture

I knew it all along :)

Thank you, I like the way you portrayed me. I suppose it wasn't as impossible as we both thought...

Jennifer Thimons's picture

Hope is very powerful. It can keep you going or tear you down to shreds. I have had too much experience with Hope and disappointment. It seems to me in this poems that you have grasped the emotion on a personal level as well. Nicely done. :)