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Giggle poetry

Why do you keep me in here, I want to be free
I want to enjoy fresh air, some company.
You never visit; just keep me on a shelf
You always do the hard things yourself.

Sitting here looking out, encased, trapped
Watching others live, always knowing that
I’m forever preserved, a lonely hen
I’ll never join, will never be like them.

Admired through the door of glass, but never touched
Never mixed with dirty things and such.
How I long to be held, even by sweaty hands
How I long to break free of these bands.

Cause though I am lonely there are many like me
Some used for water, others for tea.
But I am of a different class
I am an expensive crystal glass.

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I really liked this. I love

I really liked this. I love how open it is as it flows along. Untill the very end you dont have a solid grasp of what your really trying to describe. At first i thought of a prize show horse, then perhaps a housewife who is watching life from inside her home. Beautifully done.

The only problem with the story carved on your chest, is its hard to read when your missing your ribs..

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Thank you! :D I hoped that it

Thank you! :D I hoped that it would work that way. It was a bit of a struggle to get that wondering into the poem. That was my main idea and inspiration and I didn't want to turn it another way to make it easier. I actually thought about the farytale "Rapunzel" when writing it. Thank you so much for commenting, and liking my poem :D

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