April 2015

i guess I’m sorry 

i guess i stuck around too long 

waiting for your eyes to look like floodlights 

thinking they could bring me home


and i know it kills you, 

i know it kills you being sixteen 

out of place and cigarettes

with all these strangers in the backseat 

that you almost call your friends


pining for the broken sky

you hold it up alone at night

star stained pepsi cola smile 

soundtracked to the 1975

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9inety's picture

I must

say that you wrote this forty years too late for me,

i guess it is like they say,

"better late than never"


your words bite with a rendezvous ala Déjà vu

for me


needless to say this goes into THE WORLDS BEST POETRY COPYRIGHT 1904



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

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im flattered thank you always 


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Can't Let...

this one go by without saying, EXTRA ORDINARY write. Glad I found you today - "...I know it kills you being sixteen/out of place and cigarettes..." nice.  Clear - Just Bein' Stella





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why thank you very very much, it means a lot