Who ever you are I love you


I need you

Where are you

Who are you

And when will I find you

Do I know you

Are you the one who will make my spirits soar

And are you the one I can cry in front of and for some reason you will find it endearing

Are you the one who will make me feel safe

Are you out there some where

If so I need you now

I need to kiss you

And make love to you until the sun comes up

And I need to laugh

And be content

I want so badly to know you and all of your quirks

I want to spoil you

And I want to write you unbelievably sappy poems about my love for you

And how your eyes light up when you look at me

And I need you

I want you so badly my body aches

I long to feel your skin against mine and your breath, your lips

I want to memorize you

I want to tell you that you are beautiful and wonderful and that I love you

I imagine lying in bed next to you watching you sleeping

And I imagine us walking hand in hand

And I imagine throwing you onto the bed and showering you with kisses and ripping your clothes off

And I imagine me in our garden with our children running around us laughing

And I want this so badly

I want to know you are near

And I want to cuddle with you

And I want to make you smile

Wipe away your tears

And I want to fall in lover again and again every time we kiss

I want to trust you and be able to to bare all of my soul to you

And have you trust me and be able to bare all of your soul to me

And I want you to feel safe happy and content in my arms

And know that you are loved

Where are you

I am waitng

Who ever you are I love you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another poem about my soul mate- I have yet to meet

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Kris Grula's picture

this was an amazing write more like a master peice