An Unending Sorrow

It's been six months and still no word...

But the thought of you is still so fresh and tender

Everyday feels like a challenge

and most days I just wanna surrender.

We were great together...

Inseparable! most would say

but our bond was tainted and it's

something I pay for every freakin' day.

The sweetness of your voice...

and the softness of your touch, this is what I yearn

But now I'm surrounded by darkness

and living like this is what I must learn.

This unending sorrow is a slow poison coursing through my vein.

It tarnished my state of mind, my body and my brain.

This infection is excruciating for which there is only one cure...

And only you have the antidote that can rid me of this pain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hi Peers

I speak from the heart and write with passion.

Please comment. Criticism is much appreciated.

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Nice prose poem - Painting

Nice prose poem - Painting with words, writing to sculpt emotion. Welcome to PP - Just Bein' Stella