A Seventeen Star Night

Just do me this favor

When you look at the sky tonight

Tell me how many stars

You can see


They say, that you could never count them all

Never could see them all


I looked up tonight

And i counted

And i saw



Little bits of light

And barely burning

I saw them all in that small square corner

Of darkness

Mapped out by the roof of some

Yellow hotel


There was music playing

Brazen jazz

Dripping and drifting

Like a single drop of molten


Or a single uninterupted tear


It played a seventeen star tune

From across the cracked pavement

Of this drug store sidewalk

Where an almost empty hat lay

And a seventeen star music man

Put his mind away

And sent his soul to sleep with the music


So just do me this favor

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Highly evocative.

Highly evocative.


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