ancient beliefs roman&greek.heiroglyphics and scrolls untold storys of old.lost citys and lands battles and plans.mark antony cleo egypt & cairo venus de milo love with her spell hades is hell prometheus fire helios dagger.chariots race the frist olympics take place.zues and apollo the pharaohs will follow.egypts grate race.the sphinx takes face.god of wind and weather father of athena hercules & demeter.

all of the storys of the lands of old never reviewed what has

never been told.

what if there right and all of old

was true.what would we think.

what would we do?.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was a long time in the makeing i wanted to get it right!!.there is so much to be found in the ancient world!!.started on 3/16/00 to 7/09/02;+)

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love this- dont be surprised if I come back to read it again./