Eden In The Clouds

I am a crescent moon writer, caught

within the poetic cradle of her incessant

curiosity, balanced like a frolicking seesaw

on the fulcrum of a woman’s multihued

willingness to risk it all, and play


Inaudible the wedding bells, perhaps

children are gone, emotions drowning

beneath trepidation of past relationships,

as we swim to change the receding tides

of our timeworn, sequestered hearts


Yet salty water has faulted my abating -

nous of smell, exiled into oblivion; I will

never sniff her wet world, nor any piquant

perspiration riding beneath the brown

wavy hairs guarding her pubic palace


Just fantasy show jumping a lower whiff

to capture a gender slowly, as imagination

encourages our possible allied showers,

full body essence from seductive vibrations

neighboring her washed tresses I so envy


All I want to do is touch it, what lies

between her girlish pelvic embankment,

although she loathes in burning bundles

certain parts of me. A naughty bitch I do

adore, tweaking my last chest hairs


She has the locks of a Southern Belle

and her eyes – lips, make me stir into

puddle-pants delightful, pitching to erect

a celibate mummy, still, she knows not

that my erotic visions will pillage nipples


feeding her strongly prolific, lyrical life.


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a.griffiths57's picture

Your poem Eden in the clouds:


Delighfully sexy and teasing, what a good read enjoyed your use of language also.




AquarianMale's picture

Thank you; have not been here

Thank you; have not been here for some time, but I do see light at the end of the tunnel. I appreciate your comment. Seriously - I do.

Morningglory's picture

Always fun to read a sexy bit

Always fun to read a sexy bit by mr aquarian... ;)

Copyright © morningglory

AquarianMale's picture

Thank you healingwoman; this

Thank you healingwoman; this is the lettering effect of a woman I envy. We are not lovers, we have not met, but I so wish to validate the power she has to tug me away from my cave, and provoke me into erogenous writing.

Morningglory's picture

She sounds like a good

She sounds like a good muse... miss reading you.

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