Wolf At My Door

Once, I was taken by a wolf.
As I came upon his ground.
he consumed me with his stare,
asking why I dared him.

Trembling before him, I gave my answer:

“Because you seemed so perfect—Ly,
Your autumn rusts cascading in chorus
--donning displays of ‘touch me, please.’”


The closer that I drew to him,
thistles stood to greet me.
Canyon banks stretched back,
thrusting forth razors.


As he took his forward death fly
--maw drilling, robbing flow,
I died with this strange clarity:
When I am granted my truest wish,
I get a wolf at my door.


Fran Hinkle
Revised 5/21/19

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War Head's picture

Howdee Fran.

Your picture came up on the screen,i couldnt believe it so i thought i'd delve.

I like this poem,the razor claw thing i think is cleverly put.

Anyway take care and keep on rockin' girl

Maria Luana's picture

they are all wolves...i too have come to this conclusion. i enjoyed this poem as it touches on a theme i use quite a bit....that of the two faced man...ahhh co-dependecy...how can i ever leave you? haha! well written and the imagery definately takes me somewhere...i am not much for breaking down poems technically...sound-wise, etc...but i do make note of word choices and this:because you seemed so perfectly, autumn rusts blending, cascading in chorus; donning displays of touch me pleasewas perfect...thanks for sharing...keep writing...stay stong