The Prayer Of "Dead Girl walking"

Here I sit, breathing

time.  Death

wraps around me,

coiling, the creeping

ivy o'er walls too

straight and wet to climb.

I slip, slip, slip;

then say, "hell with it,"

as I lay praying for

the next bus

to take me riding to

my final stop:

Where blue fields are

immortal, and

my eyelids

will redden

and swell


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Jill (Madame O)'s picture

I just adore your work.
This piece is incredibly moving, and would be still if I didn't know your present situation, which is heartbreaking at best. Your ability to find new ways to express such emotion is enviable. You absolutely had me at the opening lines... "Here I sit, breathing/ time. the line break is perfect and profoundly swims in my head. I'm straight again there with, "I slip, slip, slip;" and then you almost allow my breath out with, "Where blue fields are
immortal, and/ my eyelids/ will redden/ and swell/ nevermore."
Madame O