you vex

hourglasses sigh

you madden me with intricacy

there are not enough lifetimes in existence

to unravel your tantalizing mystery

your feverish imagery haunts my daily grind

it brings trite radio songs to astounding depth

it appears vexing me in






water droplets cascading on glass

embers swirling in the night sky

streaks of chocolate in my coffee

sunlight dappling white lace curtains

with imprints of budding leaves


unbidden you startle me out of reverie when i am at peace

your puzzles enthrall me 

focus shattered


the more i see of you

the more i am driven

to understand

the ineffable


you remind me to abandon all hope of the universe

falling into any predictable pattern

and pull me to embrace wonder


we meet at both distant edges of time

and at our singularity create and destroy universes

we have aeons to swirl dancing

to the beat of the Cosmic Drum



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Enjoyed This One

A walk among the galaxies - riddle solving, universes colliding - nice - allets.



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thanks, stella