to the gentle soul

surround yourself with others as pure.  you can't fix any problem that belongs to someone else.  you may think one like minded spirit is enough, the grating curve balls of life will prove you wrong every time.  when working to cultivate meaningful relationships, surround yourself with a supportive network of genuine caring people.


be wary of vices masked as virtues and vice versa.  often good or bad behavior is ruled by unexpected intentions, and self examination can yield wisdom from even the most egregious error.  keep this in mind when examining others' behaviors as well as your own.


if you see a monster in the mirror, be brave.  it's a clear sign you, and not the monster, are in control.  after years of dealing with broken people i can tell you the source of their monster is always fear, shame, and self loathing.  beneath every vicious psychopath is a hideous fear of self.  remember this especially when tempted to judge another human being.  to be a gentle soul is a sure sign of bravery in the face of the most hideous monster, yourself.  it is the highest valor.  likewise, if you don't see the monster, it may be winning.


if you see someone else's monster, don't hold up the mirror.  to date, i have not found any method that ends in any result other than shooting the messenger.  even if someone asks you specifically, do not do it.  this also falls under the category of trying to fix problems that don't belong to you.  


to improve your life, closely examine your personal relationships and your dreams.  beware of useless habits that steal away your time.  emphasize quality over quantity in leisure.  and when upside down or in doubt

read Desiderata




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KindredSpirit's picture

OK I will

Read Desiderata.

I hope it will help.


Its probably to late.

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is far better than anything i write!!! i hope u enjoy it

KindredSpirit's picture

I did

But it just made me like what

You write even more.


If you didn't know :  I just write whatever.

Like my feelings. I haven't ever read poetry.

I love music though.

You are real to me that is why I like

What you write so much.


That poem ( Desiderata ) wasnt recognized

As being good until later.

You never know.

and_hera_met_zeus's picture

yeah you're right!

by the time anyone had noticed, there were a few different versions floating around and no one knows which is the original!  so i guess there's hope for all of us :)

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I love the way you guide and

I love the way you guide and entertain at the same time. 

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aww thanks :)

i hope it's useful information

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Sound advice... I'll do my

Sound advice... I'll do my best to remember it :3

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i hope it helps :)

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Has a price. One of life's ironies. They killed Christ. 



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yeah it does!!

i'm not trying to say "don't help people."  just trying to say that some people aren't ready for help, sometimes they need to learn it on their own.  


those great people who sacrifice so much to help many people just a little bit (christ is the most extreme example) fall into another category entirely, and they certainly don't need advice from me!!!! hahaha i wish i could make changes like that, nelson mandela, mlk jr, jfk, all those historic heroes.