Earth Worship

broken black charred fragment

fits in the palm of my hand

imperfect and ugly

but for your glints of sparkling mystery


made of the stuff of stars

rock of interstellar dust

so easily missed by passers by

unassuming and secretly foreign


cold hard edges are all that remain

of your spectacular fiery entrance

to one insignificant orbiting body

that just managed to populate itself


i look at your imperfections

and know we share the same dust

only you exemplify our origins explicitly

and reveal our flaws blatantly


thank you alien metallic visitor

for your shining example

i can blaze triumphantly to crushing defeats

and wear my flaws like stardust


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  Comforting to be at home



Comforting to be at home with our flaws isn't it? To find your self examining this foreign substance from the far universe and gaining such acceptance of it's perfect imperfection and be like that yourself, is just wonderful.  You have a gift for words and like your poem very much.

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your words are too kind, and

your words are too kind, and i have to admit most days it's more of a work in progress.  this is the goal i strive toward.