Your Lie

Exploding Hearts

your lie hurts like a rusty tattoo.

it itches and nags and prods my insanity.

it raises a wall between me and you.

it awakens the same old drama insecurity.


stop blurring the edges of you and me.

unnecessary is unnerving and totally undeserving.

don't make me be draining and sharp.

when you are subversive i start swerving.


you lie.  i catch you.  you lie.  i catch you.

you're not a catch.  this time i won't catch you.

lie to me and tell me it's all my fault.

rake nails down my back then grind in the salt.


i lie and say i crawl away bleeding.

you don't deserve the truth.

i'll keep my secret whispering

it was so easy to walk away from you.

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The Uses of Lies

Lies have their uses

best for keeping the truth

away from your mouth.

Lies have purpose

when the truth turns sour

lies take them south.


 ~~Lady A~~





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nice reply!!! :)

nice reply!!! :)