somewhere north of north

Earth Worship

boundless plains of ice

baked under a relentless sun

water turns to water until the ice is gone.


glaciers roll over in aqua blue

ever striving for a cobalt heart

and turn the sea a frothy whitened hue


species scramble toward the new normal

and the cosmic drama unfolds

in a landscape bereft of witnesses.


in the war between fire and ice

the sun moves on the arctic

taking no prisoners.

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Where you been

All my life ? Haha

I like


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i'm glad u like the poems :)

i'm glad u like the poems :)

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I Have

been waiting for you all my life. The absent witnesses, could that be homo sapien? A fine write ~allets~




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awww thanks stella!!! yes,

awww thanks stella!!! yes, the witnesses are we humans who happen to live nowhere near the arctic.  most people are completely unaware of our effects there.  i thought you might like this one, i've noticed we share a lot of common causes.