so you want a title too?

failure to cope

a butterfly with touched wings

bounces and ricochets from the ground

but will never fly


torched scorched and burned

what remains of the darkened earth

but ashes left to lie


life is made of the struggle

to gulp one ragged breath and another

like upended fish


and in the grasping fists

of the shifting winds

there remains nothing

of but one whispered wish.


endng to beginning to ending

sees the same torn flesh

an answer forgets the question

and so ends the lonely match.

ah the joy of waking.  


thanks to all the warrior souls

who hear a suicide cry on the wind

and reach out before wind sweeps forgotten


i love you


to one more poor chipmunk

before the alligator jaws snap shut.

which ecstacy is more intoxicating?

the outpouring of love, a call

to remain amidst the torment

but knowing you brought peace in your wake

or to know the sleep holds fast

and you will never wake again?


i would ask sweet rodent which is best

but he lies far beyond answering

in the belly of another day in paradise



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Someone brought me back

To lovin you again


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wow 3 reads!!

and you still love it?!! hey thats pretty cool.  thanks :)

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"Life is made of the struggle

"Life is made of the struggle to gulp one ragged breath and another like upended fish".... You are fucking brilliant. Pardon my language. 

"It is a terrible thing to be so open. It is as if my heart put on a face and walked into the world" -- Sylvia Plath.

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if you're calling my words

if you're calling my words brilliant you can use any language you want!! thanks for visiting :)

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The second time around

Was better then the first

Love it

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I had to come back to say

I find this very interesting


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thanks :) im glad it deserved

thanks :) im glad it deserved a second look.