Discovering Ambrosia

hourglasses sigh

Each and every day that passes,

I come to know you more and more.

I settle in your soft caresses

And feel a bliss I never felt before. 


The ever turning sun and moon

Hum soft lullabies of fading time,

And with each passing of the noon,

I find in you joy more sublime.


And in any passing moment I

Might think I know you, then I find

You, oh you, with stranger's eyes

again surprise and shock me 

With your capability

To utterly enthrall me

With the simplest of gestures.


Yet again, here, I

Underestimate your sincere

Ineffable ambrosia, 

An intoxicating gentility.

Oh to think I know you and be wrong.

To underestimate the deep well of your bottomless heart...

I would curse myself for ever

Were it not for the joy of discovery.

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Nice write, I enjoyed

Nice write, I enjoyed reading.


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Personal Poetry Rocks

I keep thinking about writing "I" poems. Rea ones like yours. Maybe 1 day :D slc



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Stella your poetry is

Stella your poetry is beautiful!!  Don't change a thing!!  well.... unless it's fun :)