my nature

Earth Worship


juxtaposed with wilderness


life's anodyne found betwixt the boughs


me, a sweet synechdoche

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i had a dream that a childhood friend wrote this poem.  there are subtle variations (apparently my sleeping brain likes to make up unreal words) and yes, i am aware this is not the syllable structure of a haiku (another thing to explain to my sleeping brain).

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This Is Brilliant

with light and magic.


Anodynes are soothing

relaxation worthy, a



Or killer of pain

or dull to boring

or incontroversial.


Synecdoch is speech configured

be a part as the entirety

the letter of the word

the idea that overwhelmes

to the point of totality

as in sail for boat

or ink for poet.


Stella L. Crews





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you're absolutely right

about the words and their intended meaning.  it was from a dream, so i chose to keep it as close to the original as i could, which unfortunately makes it really inaccessible for a lot of people.  i'm glad you dove right into it.  i think in the dream my brain was trying to say we are each a tiny universe that is wholly representative of the universe itself, like fingers of god.  and i think it was pointing to nature its ebbs and flows as a source of comfort when we are in pain.  if i had written it while awake, i would have made that more clear.