If only time was good to us

I wish time was good to us


I've never felt a connection with so much lust


Taking pictures for him is always a must


Everytime I think about him I get butterflies


He always tells me I have beaitiful eyes


He's my dream guy, someone I wish I could have


Everytime I think about it i get really sad


I wish time was good to us


If were born in the same century


We'd be together forever


If only time was good to us

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If only time were good to us:

Oh! to get the synchrinization right,is always a difficult one, but if it is true love, love binds and crosses  all time levels and many other boundaries too. When you have found each other you call your own tune as "an item"; so make it your own.




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If Time Were Good To Us

A very good one. Makes me think???  MilMan  Cool

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