Depression (the girl behind the mask)

The girl behind the mask feels alone and empty but puts on a front to make everyone happy but no one knows her pain. She feels worthless and alone asking herself everyday why she's still here. What if it all ends because that hole in her heart keeps on getting bigger and bigger unlike her confidence that feels like it's 10 feet under . The same feet that can't get out of bed. The same bed that became a tissue for her tears but no one notices as her wall is too high to see over .so no one bothers. But what they don't know is she suffers from depression putting on the same mask and continuities building her wall until it falls down leaving nothing but the tears of her family beside her open casket never knowing what was actually wrong.......

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on feelings alone....

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Depression is the beast Who

Depression is the beast

Who on our spirit breeds

Don't let it make you blue

Be proud of being you

Thank you for sharing