The game called life

Free time poetry

Love is a challenge,

pain is a lesson

and happiness a gift.


We can't choose one

and say no to the others,

But nether can we choose all

and refuse to just one.

All three are inter-twined,

like the branches of a tree.

Always together and never apart.

If you chose Love,

you are setting a goal in life.

This path will split into two,

which path you take depends on your choices.

But even if you take one,

it will always cross with the other.

For this is the first rule of the game.

If you chose Pain,

you are building the world

the way it really is.

But no matter what,

you won't be alone,

you will never be alone.

That is the second rule of the game.

If you chose Happiness,

you are only recieving a blessing.

You would achieve no more then before.

but your days will be full of joy.

That is the third rule of the game.

but here is something that you must remmember,

no matter what choces you make or what path you take,

you will always have to share it with someone.

That is the fourth and the last rule of the game.

The game known as life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This insperation came to me some where in the middle of the first school term, i was having a rough time and then this idea came to my mind.

I asked myself, what if it was possible to explain the way life works in the simpliest form. This poem was created upon the pressure that surounded me and it really helped me make a really hard desicion. I found out that the definition of life in a philosofic way could be put in a simpliest form and it also help some of my friends which were in the same situation as me.



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llove and pain, sunshine and

llove and pain,

sunshine and rain,

can`t have one without the other

ron parrish

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Enjoyed it.

I would say, Always choose love.

Copyright © morningglory

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thank you

i would also, but only if i could find my true love


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It Gets Clearer


The fifth rule: patience. Priorities shift 2nd year, 4th year, grad school. It's hormonal. My take on youth and definitions of life. :D


Life is a myth

living under a stone

captured by an elf

and nudged into existence.


Life rebels and defies

being handled by an elf.

Freedome beckons

and life does that badly.


Life is now old and wisdom

replaces stone and freedom.

Existence thrives but takes

frequent retreats to exist

under a stone



Stella L. Crews