My Gift to You

1st poems

Protected in my hands
Guarded by a sentinel
Inside a hardened cocoon.

I keep it inside a golden chest
A thousand miles under the ocean.

It is there that I keep my biggest treasure
It has felt my sorrow,
In an unfathomable measure.

Shielded by a million walls
Protected from vicious thieves.

I’ve put a lock around it
And thrown the key
It is mine and sacred
For now and perpetually.

Deep inside though,
I know that I’m just afraid
Terrified of more scars and pain
So I’ve slowly disconnected myself.

That’s why I find myself confused today,
I feel different in a way.

You have penetrated my barriers
And destroyed all my obstacles.

When you entered my life
You freed my heart from its metal shackles.

From black and white
To blinding rainbow
You make me see the colors
I had no idea existed.

So here I stand today
And with cherish, to you I say
I hope you never have to go away
Because my heart and I are here to stay.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired from "Love Song" by John R. Nash

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