The Pain of Hope

1st poems

You are so beautiful
and flawless
you are perfection with a cherry on top.
Your smile so cheerful
your eyes so mesmerizing
I am helpless.

It was love at first sight
my knees betrayed me
your face perpetually shines with light
and everyone seems to agree.

Gosh even your name is perfect
and I don’t think you even know mine
but I forgive you
and I’ll keep looking for that sign
I keep my hopes down
I don’t want you to crush me
because you can now
sometimes you do
when I look at you
and you can’t spot me
I guess I just don’t stand out
I just blend in with the faces around
I know somebody that likes you
or at least I think so
they have more chances with you than I do.

I just want to be loved
its all I think about at night.
I can’t give up hope
because I know everything will be alright.
In my arms you belong
my bed our new home.
Just imagine, you and I together
another part of my imagination
and although it hurts to hope
I will never give up
on my love.

Everytime you walk past me I freeze.
Everytime you smile I can’t breath.
Everytime I look at you I fly away.
I’ll be in space for the next few days.
We can be magic
but ’till then I’ll be the only lonely one.

I pretend not to notice you
who was that, that just passed through?
I try not to stare
but I’m so obsessed
and I’m so afraid
to tell you the truth
because I wouldn’t want to embarras you.

I see you around them
and I wish I were them
they’re so crazy about you
but they can’t love you the way I do
see the problem is this: I am condemned.

We’re not even friends, I just hung out with u
that night, with your date.
I wish life and love weren’t so complicated
this way my love for u could be demonstrated.

I miss you, but I never lost you
because I never had you.
You can’t be replaced
I’ve tried that so many times
but I can’t ever seem to forget your face.
I want us to have a connection
like those people in the movies
haha, we can even share chocolate smoothies
but we can’t and we couldn’t
and it breaks my heart
knowing we will always be apart.
Maybe it’s not meant to be
we never got to see
the infinite possibilities.

I still hold on to hope
although I do with the lighest grasp
because I try to live in reality
and events coming soon
will bring my love to a finality
when I part with the next full moon.

I guess you weren’t the one
but I know someone is out there
waiting for me somewhere

I will never forget who you are
neither your careless touch
that to me means so much
and I want to say that I love you a bunch
although it means nothing to you,
although you are oblivious to the truth.

Its so embarrasing to admit
that I carry pictures of you on my phone
and I was so happy when I heard you guys split
people say y’all didn’t want to comit.

And even though I was rejected
I know that I am young
and someday my feelings will be accepted.
To my thoughts I have clung
my thoughts of hope
that give me the strenth to move forth
and never give up
because I still believe in love
you perfect angel sent from above.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

1st poem ever.

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