Colorful World because of Him

The day my life changed forever

Was the day I lost my grandfather

The man who was everything to me

My friend, my father, someone who would understand

I promised myself that when I found that one for me

He would be like my grandfather

And years later I finally meet that one

In the weirdest situation

But he proved to be the one I was looking for

Strong, passionate, driven, understanding

And even more

The first time I saw him I knew that he was the one

The first time we kissed I felt fireworks and a little nervous

And now a year later we are together and stronger than ever

Our relationship was built off of friendship and trust

Something that isn’t every common in neither one of our lifestyles

But we clicked quicker than ever

It’s like some kind of fantasy the way everything played out

A fairy-tale that is actually reality

We found that true love and not something that is partial

He is mine and I am his

Forever and ever no matter what obstacles comes in our way

We will fight it together and push each other

To strive for better and success


I found that one who makes the world colorful 

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    I am glad you have found



I am glad you have found the one man in your life that makes the world so colourfull for you. Your vibrancy is felt throughout the poem, they are good qualities to look for in a parnter, good luck.