There is no more sanity in me

The pain and wounds will not heel

I don’t want to hide I want to be seen

I try to tell myself that things will get better but they don’t

They talk behind my back then look at me and smile

The undermining of feelings that are trying to be expressed

Is filled to where you’re being pushed off the path

You just want to lose yourself

In the mist of my eyes

Your mind is restless your hearing things

Your ears are ringing from the damage

From the unknown, from the laughter, from the smirks

From the sanity of people





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Thank you

thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it. You do have a valid point those who seek off of others lives are insane in ways. However, we are all insane in someone elses eyes, and the fact that in this poem I let them feed off of me technically speaking makes me insane. Don't you agree?

Angel of Darkness 

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    Ever thought it might be



Ever thought it might be the other way around. Those people who live off other people's lives are the insane ones. Being hurt in life is unfortunate out of never believing your going to heal will come healing itself, it's all part of the process. Your poem speaks plainly about your hurt emotions, your poem is well written and I enjoyed reading it.