This May Be The Final Good bye

I am hurting inside and out
Baby so are you, I wish it didn't have to end.
Im torn into
So are you
What are we todo
You want me to do something
I said I would
To make you happy
Only I could never get it together
Im still trying
But dont know if it will work or not
I really don't want to do it.
But I love you so much
Im willing to try it
Maybe I shouldnt
But we love one another so much
I don't want to lose you over something
This stupid, or to me its stupid
I thought our love would last forever
That is what you promised
But you lied to me
Now Im crying, I feel alone
How am I going to live without you
We have been together for so long
Why do you want to throw it away?
On stupid things
Well at least I know Im not losing you to another girl
But you promised me the world
I got nothing
But happiness while it lasted
I have beautiful memories
But your not the guy I thought you was.Im glad I found out in time
God wanted me right where I was before I met you.
I still love you as a friend
But we cannot be together.
This is the end.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

Forgive me, I read the section part about ..........

your love being a handsome handsome guy, I did not realize this was just a heading and replied to it but the final goodbye part opened up. I hope my words of encouragement did not seem crass or confuse. I just didn't realize I was replying to the wrong poem and actually a heading...... Sincerely Melissa Lundeen oh and I am sorry things are rough some true loves have some very rocky roads and as you know others just lead to hurtful dead ends it is part of life...........

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Utterly charming!

I'm sure your handsome one adored this if you allowed him to read it. If not, then he does not deserve you. It was a lovely tribute to the love you feel for him. Thanks for sharing........Melissa Lundeen.