Rose Garden

Rose Garden

There Is a rose garden
I go to every day
The roses are full bloom
With the smell so sweet
I pick them with care
Put them in a vase
I look at them and smile
They remind me so much
Of our love for each other
The way you opened up to me
Give me all your love
Show your love to me every day
Every day you say I Love You
My love and only you
Each day my heart feels so good
Baby I have it all with you
Each day I see a single rose
In a vase on the table for me
You kiss me so tender
Place my hair behind my ear
Put a rose in my hair
Look at me with all your love
Im like a rose opening up for you
Remember Im your rose
For always

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rose garden

This is a beautifully written poem. I love your imagery of roses. They are my favorite flower. You have done them proud. nice work.