Can I

I See

Can I be your friend
Can I talk to you
Can I tell you how I feel
Can I

Can we go out
Have some fun
Watch the moon and stars
Can I

Will you be my best friend forever
Will you hold my hand and love me, forever
Can I do the same for you
Can I

Will I be able to pick you up
When your down
You know i will
Can I

Will our hearts beat as one
The way they were meant to be
You bet they will
Can I

I know when Im down, you pick me up
You have been there everytime
So for my sake
yes you can

As we go to sleep at night
I pray for you
I hold you close to me
Whisper in your ear, Darling I love you
I always will, Can I

I know you do the same
I feel your prayers for me
I feel your feelings to
Yes you can

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