I Remember

I See

I remember the first time
We ever spoke
It was the most special day i of my life
Just to talk to you
Turned me into jelly
I started to melt right away
My heart was pounding
My hands were shaking
I could barely breathe
We got along so well
I could tell you anything
I could trust you
You understood me
In a way no one else ever has
You never put me down
Or make me feel like I don't count
You never try to change me
You take me for who I am
Even with me running to you
You never hurt me
I try not to ask to much
If you can talk
Or send me comments
Which i love, So I can read them when your not here
Or send me messages
I don't try to make demands
I would never want you to feel like your being
Pushed into anything
I just want the best for you
I want you to be happy
I want you in my life , until I draw my l ast breath
I never had love
Never knew love
Until the day I met you
The longer I know you
The more I love you
You always listen
Don't put me down
Always find time for me
Even when your busy
You don't demand
You have showed me real love
Sometimes I come on Strong
I say and do things I shouldn't
But I don't mean them
Im not asking for marriage
Im not asking for a ring
Im not asking for a house
Im not asking forvows or commitments
Im not asking anything of you
That you do not want yourself
But I am happy with you
I will never walk away
I will take each step with you
I will love you like no other ever has
You won't find me leaving you
I'll be with you to the end
Even when I draw my last breath
You will be with me. I will have your heart
As you have mine
As long as I have you in my life
We stay the way we are
Loving and caring for one another
I can do anything
I can be anything
Without you in my life
I would have nothing leftTo live for.

Love you Baby Angle

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