Vampiric Proposal

Come with me my love to watch the full moon rise into the midnight sky. Stars shall be our witness as the soft light beems down on the ocean, the pale orb drawing across the horison to light the night in the same way you light my dark soul. Come lay upon the ebon sand and let your pale body stand out as a beacon to me my moon and stars, set out light against the eternal darkness of which we live. Come let your blood christen this black beach and slip away the inocence of humanity to forever join me in this dance of shadows. Tilt back your head and bare your neck, let me taste your virgin redness upon my lips as the moon now dances in sky and water, smiling down upon our union.

Lay out your hands and call me forth, speak my name below a whisper, call the wind and waves and sin, to wash upon our entwined bodies. Let my lips tease your cheek, let your warmth stir my heart, let the coldness that I have be shared upon this night. Show your neck and deep red life to gain eternal youth, give to me that which I need so that we may be one.

Upon this dark and sureal shore let us two become but one, forever bonded in more than mortal ways, forever tied to the moon, forever and a day together by this midnight waltz upon the beach your pale skin calls, upon the ebon sky spread sand with gliters of starlight in your eyes the presence of the moon about you, lit so soft and pale in veil of such wanting lust. I beg I plead I ask to please both yours and desires mine, entwine much deeper than mortal shell can retain within it's husk, to a point of being one.

Give to me all that you are and I shall share this night eternal. Never more to be restrained by wants or needs upon this world but one desire ever more and only passion ever more. Give to me of your own will and become like me upon this shore, nude, entwined, in many ways, passion ever more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I prolly didn't do to well on this, I had been thinking of it for over two weeks, but I kept forgetting to write it out so now that I have, I hope it sounds as good as it did in my head.

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i loved this
poem wow
i wished i
had the guts
to write a poem
like this to the
love of my life
.wonderfull work on this