Giving up is too easy..

Just keep your chin up and keep going, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, you have to keep picking yourself up, don't give up its a test of your will. The cards you've been dealt were yours to play, you were given what you can handle is what people say.... But I'm getting tired, I feel like I'm waiting for the end of a long day. How much longer do I have to be punished, what did I do so wrong that I was given these challenges. I know people deal with way more than I, and that I shouldn't complain because I'm not doing to die. At least not anytime soon. Just one day at a time. I'm waiting for my luck to change, so I'll just brush it aside, after all its just a bad day, not a bad life is what I've been told, so pick yourself up and always be bold, because tomorrow holds a new story to be told.

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one hour at a time one day at a time

God is inside you

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