Bleak Street

April, Appeasing


Dear father & mother
Sincerely your son
I've been to the edge of the earth
Yes it's flat
I've been to where a child wouldn't let you go
Only to find the words
Bleak Street
Tapered to a metal post


You didn't miss much
And an infant screaming and whining
Isn't much different
Than being this disappointed.
I'm sorry dad
For ruining your life
For being the biggest embarassment
And disappointment you could have ever hoped for.
I'm sorry you had to pick up a drug habit
Paired with the drinking
Just to forget that you had a son
And a wife who wanted to raise him,
With you.


I'm sorry mom
For temper tantrums
And gluttony
But I was a child
With no moral sense of decency
I'm sorry I ruined your life,
Even though I know you'd say I didn't.

I dedicate these words to my father
For never being there for anything
And these words to my mother
For always being there emotionally
And I thank them both
For trying.


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Paul Williams's picture

Dang dude, that's intense, but it has amazing depth. I really like your first 7 seven lines. Ofcourse the rest of the poem is great too!