Breaking Free

This is June

Rebellion exists in the mind

Break the bread

Eat the mold

Turn the channel

Fake your death

Rebellion exists in the mind

Sure you can style your hair,

And wear the pants,

Strap on the boots,

Pierce your ears,

Your lip,

Your face,

Your back,

Pick up the lingo,

Read the book,

Start a fight,

Drink beer,

Act cool,

Judge harshly,

Listen to the music,

But by the time you conquer those society-influenced appointed tasks you've probably forgotten what made you start that process that amounted to nothing in the first place.

The rebellion in your mind

Has become clouded

And in the end

You're just like everyone else.

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new_wave_franky's picture

Cool poem. You seem to have it pretty much figured out. Rebellion does seem to exist in the mind...especially in the mind of the younger ones. I like the way you worded the second stanza much like a list, pointing out all of those abstractions. But the final stanza is best, I think, because it confirms the ultimate message in the end. "You're just like everyone else." Nice finish. You said it well, and it truly connected.