Fuck You and Your Piece of Shit Children

Kids are just weird

That's how they are

Maybe these drugs they give

Fuck them all up a bit

Ever think?

How were you as a kid?

How are you now?

Are you fine?

Generation Rx?


They're probably abusing because they grew

Up on them

Your kid has a problem?

Maybe you're a bad parent

No, couldn't be that

You've tried "everything possible doctor."

And your kid is still "fucked up?"

Kids are weird

That's the problem

You're materialistic, and you need to fit in

And if your kid isn't just like you

Then there must be a problem


40 year olds

You're the fucked up ones.

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Essence Scott's picture

i love this. keep going with it. parents think that were fucked up because were gay or bi or suicidal or whatever. its not our fault that were like this. all parents should read this