Azini (1)

Human Rose Series

Comfort me through the rain and pain
There will be a brighter day
Soon she will come and stay with me
How long will it take for us to meet?

I reminisce through night and day  
Gazing at the horizon to see your face
Time keeps speeding like a ticking bomb
The leaves are falling upon

The lonely violin cries within
My heart beats slower as I wait for thee
The day when our eyes intersect
The moon will light up to show its consent  

This day we won’t care about the torment
Because in the midst of the rain we will be the thunder
Loneliness won’t azini anymore
Because I now have you, my human rose

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by a love song called "Azini" which Ida Raichel produced.

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allets's picture

Nice Line!

~~~in the midst of the rain we will be thunder~~a fine piece of writing this - enjoyed reading - Lady A