A Lover is a Person, Too

Exploding Hearts

A lover is an instinctive

ghost projection

archetypal image

that we cast upon another

when we carve that face

into our hearts.


A lover is a veil

a blanket ghost

a porcelain mask

vaguely resembling

the form underneath

that stirs our hearts.


A lover is also

a real person

with flaws, virtues,

desires, goals, dreams,

who is easily forgotten

under the mask of projections.


And when that person

stubbornly refuses to fit

your perfect lover image,

do you cut and run?

Do you start hammering,

to force a closer resemblance?


Or do you, could you please?

I’d like to think maybe I would...

Stop, and look, and see who it is

that is really standing there.


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All Sides Show Up Eventually

Love is like you said here. Multi-faceted - slc



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Hi Stella!!

always glad to see you drop by :D

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a lover and a best friend

a lover and a best friend

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Hey, Four More Poems

to round out the number of poems posted. I will stoop to any means to get more poems from poets. :) slcCool