I'm Doing It Anyway

Romance Languages

Every second of waiting

washes me in cold terror.

You could reject me at any moment.

For no reason.

Without warning.


Doubts spew from my molten core

and color every surface a washed-out hue.

Even in the best possible outcome,

one of us will be left mourning a shattered life.

Tears mix with flower petals and grave dirt.  


Intensely horrifying vulnerability

dredges up ancient and damning insecurity.

Barely visible scars weave through my being.

Nobody has ever treated me this well...

and stayed.  


My trademark panic is always

hidden behind a breezy smile.

The fear itself is a monster of its own,

a self-fulfilling prophecy,

a darkly projecting mirror of your own shadows.


I hope you never see it,

But if you do, don't worry,

it has nothing to do with you.

I feel this every time.  

I hate to fall in love.


Today I sing a new mantra just for you.

I sing it because it brings me peace

and lets me curl up into you. 

It wraps me in its word cocoon

and brings me hot cocoa.


It goes like this:


I already know this will hurt.

I'm doing it anyway.

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allets's picture

Something Hit The Core

Just re-read this offering. Phenominal penning, balanced, great images. I love the do it anyway ending - one of maybe but probably not. Very human which makes it hit home with many who will read it again and again. - allets -




Starward's picture

The profound depth of emotion

The profound depth of emotion in this poem is brilliantly presented, with a talent for language that exceeds all my expectations.  Wow!



and_hera_met_zeus's picture


Your comment helps me like the poem more :)

allets's picture

A Telling From The Inside

"...and brings me hot cocoa..." I was sailing then I hit that image and fell into it. Honesty of emotions - well writ - allets -




and_hera_met_zeus's picture

Thanks stella!!

I'm not impressed with this one for some reason.

Starward's picture

Be impressed.  Be very

Be impressed.  Be very impressed.



Sandy11's picture

It’s so real!

of course I seem to love all your poems, but I too love this one!! Love is scary even when you’ve been together a very long time. It takes courage to put yourself out there. The ending is great! I’m doing it anyway!

and_hera_met_zeus's picture


You mean it never gets any better??!!!



Nevermind, I think I just want a cat.