Exploding Hearts

i thought i'd be done

by now.


so many sweet sentiments

all the words i whispered

swept away by suffering.


puzzling the locks

trying every combination

testing the limits of failure.


something should have worked

by now.


master of retreat

licking every possible wound

the war nobody wins.


am i so unlovable?

must i only ever choose

solitude or abuse?


so much love is wasted time

by now.


i can't find my grace.

ruin wrought in cold wrath

i never asked too much.


there's nothing left to shed

cold in my glass castle

raise walls to block the storm.


yeah i think i'm done.

bye now.

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Puzzling the locks, trying

Puzzling the locks, trying every combination

testing the limits of failure.

Something should have worked

by now.


… Ah, so lovely this. The flashing beauty of vulnerability. And here, you have composed it so well.


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thanks so much

your compliment is too kind.

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A Chord Struck

an it reverberates across decades. I asked for it all - and more and achieving half of my goal, I am fine. The idea of going out on dates and finding Mr. Okay is still mulled, but it is not likely it will be acted upon. Most old Boomer men want cooks and cleaners and someone to take care of the domestic side of a union. Where are the feminist males? I look for more.



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wow i agree!!!

a recent harvard study revealed it's not having children that wrecks women's careers, it's being married.  even in the 21st century the woman is just expected to make more sacrifices in a relationship as a matter of course.  i'm guessing all the feminist males tend to keep their women happy and don't end up on the market very often.

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I liked taking care of

My kids when I had to.

The poem was really good.

Studies suck rotten eggs.

I can find a study that would support

Any goofy thing and a whole lot of else.

It just depends on who is throwing money at it.

( the study )

Women have a window to have childern.

It just is a matter of who they let in.


I want my woman to be as good as she can be.

That's just me.

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wasn't trying to argue or

wasn't trying to argue or judge any individual.  i'm sure you do the best u can for ur family.  the study just overturned an assumption that everyone thought kids are what slowed women's careers.  single moms had no slowdown in career.  being married hurt their careers, which makes sense if u think about it.  a woman works harder to support her family, but she will quit her job if it interferes with her husband's job.  

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I don't want to step

All over your thread.

I didn't see a correlation between your poem

And where you and stella went.

Stella has her own life experiences

With the people she has been around

So that is her perception of " dating ".

But like I said "  Studies are crap  " that twist things

Anyway they want.

I might write a prose piece or not about

My point of view on Women,  Men,  Working , and Kids.

It is already to much just thinking about it.

So or not wins.

You wouldn't want to read it anyways

A lot of times " the man " gets a raw deal.


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great piece! felt this way

great piece! felt this way many times only never for good, I always seem to have room for more... Go figure huh? thanks fo r sharing! :) 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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yeah, me too!

wondering how long i will remember the torture this time.  i took a LOONG break from relationships after my bro died cuz i couldn't handle anything emotional, then i kinda went on a dating bender.  yup that's over, i think another long break is in order.

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What it is.


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thanks for the comment

even though i don't know what it means lol

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I thought you knew


I love everything you write.

But i am lazy and haven't read back in time.

So....   It can't be that bad.

Just sayin'


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haha yeah

i'd be shocked if u said u hated it