japanese beetles

Earth Worship

stranger in a strange land

never invited to the party

desperate to fit in

in a ladybug disguise.


bull in a china shop

just to live causes death

caught up in the arms race

with deadly gardeners


oh the way home!

japan is across the world

beyond vast oceans

and you are measured in millimeters.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by


gardens and the beetles that eat them


by allets

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I hope I never run afoul of

I hope I never run afoul of deadly gardeners.

and_hera_met_zeus's picture


i hope so too!!!  man you've never seen a sweet old lady turn vicious so fast as a woman with a rabbit eating her garden (and i always thought they were cute!!)

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Thank You Poet

for this fine reply poem - I am honored ~allets~




and_hera_met_zeus's picture

any time :)

your poem reminded me of how harmless japanese beetles look.  i thought they were lady bugs.  now i know better.  and in spite of the poem, i'm not too fond.  the little buggers BITE!! :) 

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Yes They Bite

and they love roses - A -



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You love Rose's

I have never seen roses

Till i seen the eye poppers you put up

If i know you.

Youll get a poem out of this.

Now i am imagining you dressed up

In your ( gardening outfit ) trying to 

Snuff out them little critters.

I grow tomatoes  (haha)

Wouldnt you guess.


Gotta go

Edited for anybody to lazy to check back

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